About Heritage Hiker

Heritage Hiker promotes health and wellness by providing talks and walks of villages, towns, cities and the hills. Working to create a deeper connection with the land and the people of the past by exploring culture and generating a sense of place and nurturing community pride.

We are a fun and informative way to get creative with history, nature, technology, photography, poetry and folklore. We are a wonderful way to learn about the history and culture of Wales. We promote engagement with the landscape, local history and culture in an active enjoyable way.

The Heritage Hiker loves getting out and exploring different areas and is keen to enthuse others to do the same either on foot or virtually. The aim is promotion of good health and well-being, to generate support for the conservation and preservation of heritage in all forms whilst promoting sustainable tourism. Heritage Hiker supports independent Welsh makers, creators and artists.

Weeping Lady Sculpture
Grave Sculpture Lower Machen ©heritagehiker

Every article is based on in person visits by Heritage Hiker and this offers you the added personal touch. The text contains hyperlinks to wider resources that will help you peel back the layers and allows you simply skim over or dig deeper. It is never a fully comprehensive study merely a great starting point to create your own adventures….

Why was this blog page created?

The Heritage Hiker came up with the idea to start blogging independently when life threw them a few curve balls during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. As mentioned they love heritage and have a passion for walking and visiting heritage sites (especially free ones!!), this combined with the need to ‘stay local’ during this time really made them appreciate what was available to access even more. They wanted to share their enthusiasm for new exploration for the outdoors and mix it with a bit of heritage and culture but without constraint/limitation and so the idea for Heritage Hiker was born.

All the core text and images are their own and the aim is to reference, attribute and link up to as many original sources, groups, people, and resources in the text by hyperlink as possible. Email administrator@heritagehiker.co.uk or comment if you would like to add to the information or conversation. The objective is to create an easy going, friendly and helpful vibe and it is in this is the way it will be managed and run.

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